‘Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. It is not an act but a habit.’-Aristotle

A child is full of wonders……… For him there is a lot to explore and a lot more to discover as he graduates from the primary wing to the senior wing. The middle school curriculum prepares for an active but value based participation in the world tomorrow, without undermining the Paradigm shift of the parameters of success in the 21st century.

The middle school has an Interactive Curriculum designed in participatory modules: that leaves the child to discover the ways and means: to learn; to appreciate; to reason; to experience; to enjoy & to validate.

The formative years in the senior faction are taken to be the stepping stones for higher education. The academic curriculum is based on the concept of Every Child Counts. No one is dubbed as evicted or weak. Hence, the syllabi are designed to instill a healthy respect for hard work and to develop sound formal study skills. The students are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school, they are encouraged to do individual and group work, and become independent. Public speaking is encouraged, along with independent research work, as such activities help the students to gain confidence and push their boundaries of knowledge even further. Stress is given to discipline and punctuality which is supplemented by planned games and sports and value added co – scholastic cum field activities to optimize child learning and compliment all round development.