Rajiv Kumar Shrivastava

“God always leads us to where we need to be, not where we want to be”

I am privileged to be a part of Jaipuria family and Farrukhabad, This opportunity to bring world class education to this city will give me a platform to also put forward progressive ideas about social justice human rights and the larger aspiration of the nation.

Along with the Jaipurian education system and their culture which is a matrix of set norms and principles, values and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies ,symbols and stories and with our belief that each child is the most valuable asset of our society each child is unique with unborn qualities. We cater and facilitate to bring out their best to achieve the goals of their life.

The Jaipuria School Farrukhabad is an integral part of the CBSE schools. We uphold strongly all the norms and policies. The school, the parent and the child forms the golden triangle, to create an environment in the school to enable the students to discover their potential, to think laterally and critically. Students will be tech savy to acquire all the latest knowledge available.

We are committed to create students who will imbibe humanistic qualities as part of the Indian ethos, to make The Jaipuria School Farrukhabad the best destination to acquire life time quality education.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar Shrivastava