Education as a distinctive hallmark in Jaipuria is the melange of a wholesome educational programme that facilitates the child’s quest for knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and preparing them for the real world.

The School is cognizant of the competition prevailing in the world which similizes an arena of opportunities. At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, it is our constant endeavour to groom our young jaipurians encouraging them to perform to their utmost potential and mettle. It is with this belief; we induct able and competent students every year in the student council, the life breath of the school through the prestigious investiture ceremony, with the sole aim of empowering the ethos of our school- the students to carry forward the school exodus on young and deserving shoulders.

The School also creates an ambience of eternal ethics and life skills for children to imbibe on their own, primary aim of which is to help them manage pressure and challenges in their way to success. The implication of these life skills has also led to academic excellence, proven by the annually accelerating graph of Board results in all the streams. The School is working in collaboration with FIIT-JEE Pinnacle-2 year programme, inclusive in the regular school curriculum, yet distinctive in its features. The School also instils in students sensitivity and a sense of social responsibility towards the sundry sections of the society, be it underprivileged children, women empowerment, health initiatives or environmental concerns.

And finally when they leave the portals of the institution, they revere the school with a heart full of love and joy; acknowledge its blessings bestowed upon them and try to repay it by means of their intellect, talents and pro activeness.